You have decided to add a little Bit of heaven to your family. Here at Enchanting Tails we couldn't imagine a life without these beautiful creatures God has placed on Earth. And I can say with certainty that you too will be as in love with your new baby as much as we are.

First I would like you to know that here at Enchanting Tails we take it very serious to bring you the highest quality puppies.

The health of our adults and their puppies comes first, our puppies go to homes of the highest standards. To ensure our puppies safety with their new owners, we require that anyone interested in purchasing one of our dogs please fill out a simple application form and tell us a little about themselves. If possible, please try to send along a few photos of yourself and your family with your completed application . . . We think of our puppies as family, and would like to make sure they are going to a great home with great people!

From our Home to Yours

Our puppies leave our home at around 12 weeks of age, which is a perfect age. 
At this age they have had plenty of time to be trained by their mom, dad, brothers and sisters.  Learning to share is a big thing with our breeds and if they don't learn it early it can be very hard on you and the puppy. Our puppies leave here with confidence and ready to meet their new world with you.